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Traditional Style Japanese Tattoos in Melbourne

Getting a tattoo is a process that for many takes some special consideration.

Choosing the design, artist and location can be complicated, and here at Good Luck Tattoo we can help make your decisions simple.

We have been providing premium tattoos from diverse artists since 2012, and we are proud of our reputation for being the number one choice for Japanese style tattoos in Melbourne.

With our free design consultation and wonderfully talented artists on hand to help you with not only design ideas but also where to place them, we are sure that you will find the perfect tattoo for you – whatever style you are looking for.

Japanese style tattoos are a speciality of ours – we love the bold, bright colours and the deeper meanings behind them – so if you are looking for a traditional Japanese tattoo, you need to check out our portfolio!

A Brief History of the Meanings Behind Japanese Style Tattoos

Japanese tattoos are often big, bright, bold and colourful. Featuring stylised representations of animals and elements, they have become popular all over the world – but there is some history behind them that anybody looking to get a Japanese-style tattoo should know.

Japanese tattoos, like many other cultural styles, are often associated with symbolic meaning. Known in Japanese as ‘irezumi’, the tattoos mark the bearer with specific qualities. However, they are also associated with the Japanese mafia (Yakuza), so can have negative connotations.

The natural images are usually associated with certain personality traits:

• Dragon – Strength/Wisdom/Protection
• Lion – Courage/Strength/Power
• Tiger – Strength/Bravery
• Koi – Strength/Bravery/Ambition
• Phoenix – Rebirth/Triumph
• Water – Life/Triumph or Power/Destruction
Flower Tattoos like Cherry Blossom – Life/Love/Beauty

Because the style is so big and bold, those who choose a Japanese theme often incorporate more that one symbol into their pieces – our artists have created some amazing full back and chest pieces that have included many symbols, masterpieces in their own right.

Aftercare for Your Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Looking after your tattoo after it has been done is so important to maintain not only the integrity of the artwork, but also to protect yourself. After getting your tattoo done in our Abbotsford studio, this is what we recommend below.

Tattoos are wounds and should be treated carefully to make sure that no contamination happens, and because of this we dress all our tattoos with a Fixomull bandage.

The Fixomull bandage is a flexible, breathable bandage that we use instead of cling film. The Fixomull allows the tattoo to breathe and perspire, but prevents friction damaging the area and dirt from entering the wound.

The Fixomull must remain in place for 7 days to ensure the health and quality of the tattoo – you can wash the area as usual but be sure to use anti-bacterial soap.

You will need to be consistent about moisturising the tattooed area – speak to your artist to find out what they recommend for you.

After tattooing, you must not go swimming or have any strong UV exposure (sunbathing or sunbeds) for the first few weeks.

Looking after your tattoo properly will mean that your traditional Japanese tattoo from our Melbourne studio will remain bold, bright and colourful for many years to come.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Japanese Style Tattoos

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if there is any element of your healed tattoo you are unhappy with, we’ll rework it for you free of charge.

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