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If you’re into traditional tattoos, then you’ve probably been looking into the options for Neo Traditional tattoos in Melbourne. When we started Good Luck Tattoo back in 2012, we wanted to provide the ability for our clientele to have the highest quality tattoos possible, but still at a price that won’t put you behind on your rent payments for the sake of a couple of hours in a chair.  Since then, we have been working with a number of resident and guest artists, ensuring that we have a portfolio that encompasses a range of styles and designs, from traditional and neo traditional, to contemporary, trendy, and new school tattoo designs.

What Is A ‘Neo’ Traditional Tattoo?

A ‘neo’ traditional tattoo, roughly translates to a ‘new’ traditional tattoo. It is a style that is derived from traditional American tattoos. The neo traditional style of tattooing uses realistic images in a slightly more cartoon-esque style. Think lighthouses, candles, and flowers. These tattoos are nearly always done in colour; it is incredibly uncommon to see neo traditional tattoos done in black and grey. The tattoos themselves are coloured using the colours used in traditional tattooing, and also more vibrant colours such as blues and purples that are not found in the aforementioned traditional style of tattooing. In addition to this, one of the big differences between traditional and Neo traditional tattoos is that neo traditional tattoos incorporate thick, dark, bold, defining line work, as opposed to the thin single pass line work that is present in traditional tattoos.

Do We Have Any Neo Traditional Specialist Artists?

In Melbourne, Neo Traditional tattoo artists are not as common as they are in other areas of Australia, or other parts of the world. That is why at Good Luck Tattoo, we are very fortunate to have several residential artists, some of whom specialise in traditional and neo traditional tattoos specifically. One of them is the amazingly talented Kirk Jones. He specialises in “Bold and Bright” neo traditional style tattoos and has an extensive portfolio that can be viewed on his Instagram. It can be found at @Kirk_Jones_Tattoo.

We have other resident artists who are more than capable of undertaking the task of making your neo traditional tattoo dreams become a reality that lives with you forever. They include the wonderfully talented Dan Octoriver, who can be found on Instagram at @Octoriverdaniel, and Vic James, who can also be found on Instagram at @Vic_James_. In addition to our exceptionally talented resident artists, we also have a wide range of frequently rotating guest artists. This means that you could potentially be tattooed by the perfect artist when otherwise you would be unable.

One of the most popular ways to contact our artists is via Instagram. You can find their contact information on our ‘portfolio’ page. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone directly, you can call our shop 6 days a week – Monday through to Saturday – between the hours of 11am and 6pm. The number to call to do so is (03) 9429 9996.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Neo Traditional Tattoos

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if there is any element of your healed neo traditional tattoo you are unhappy with, we’ll rework it for you free of charge.

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