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Established in 2012, Good Luck Tattoo is a premium tattoo studio with professional artists specialising in a variety of new school tattoo designs.

How Did New School Tattoos Develop?

Tattoos are one of the oldest forms of art, having been discovered on mummified bodies carbon dated to 3,500BC. Since that time, design and use have expended from therapeutic and tribal dedication to pure art and self-expression.

Traditional tribal styles, old school American, traditional Japanese style tattoos, Polynesian, African, Mexican… was where it’s roots began.

New School style originated in the 1970s, as tattoos became more popular and mainstream. Tattooing was no longer about simple images or colours – suddenly, the traditional tattoo had heavy outlines, vivid colour, and often cartoonish proportions.

Some people say that this swing to the New School came because customers were choosing the art they wanted – actors and musicians, cartoon characters and exaggerated depictions became normal – and the New School artists began creating designs that held some traditional elements – mottos and images – but with a modern twist, like graffiti-style writing, caricatures and bold, vivid colours.

What's Different About New School Tattoos?

Alongside the heavy lines and cartoon elements, an emphasis was placed on photo realism. Tattoos as art was not just about phrases and pin-up girls, it became a testament to the skill of the tattooist in reproducing images on skin, line perfect. Seen today, these skills are shown in the portrait tattoos that are used as memorials and homages to loved ones – as well as dedicated fans.

The New School Tattoo movement saw an openness about the tattoo industry that had previously been lacking.

Old School tattooists guarded their techniques fiercely, not sharing ideas and tips for fear that they might lose custom.

With the New School, skills and ideas are freely shared, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation that has made the industry boom.

New School Tattoos at Good Luck Tattoo

New School tattoos, as mentioned above, are recognisable for their heavy black outlines, vibrant colours and cartoonish depictions.

The New School style has also included hyper realistic portraits of both loved ones and celebrities too in the form of realistic tattoos – from adored family members to Freddie Mercury – and fictional characters too. Depictions of well-known characters like the Joker, Pennywise from IT and Marilyn Monroe are popular subjects for our photo realistic portraiture.

We have some of the most talented New School tattooists in Australia as resident artists in our Melbourne studio, so if the New School style is something that inspires you, please do pop in and speak to us.

While many tattoo styles overlap and intertwine, some tattooists specialise in a particular form, and this speciality means that they are the absolute experts in that form – and we are lucky enough to boast not only the very best New School resident tattoo artists in our studio right here in Melbourne, we also regularly feature talented tattooists from all over the world too.

If you are looking for a tattoo in any style, come and see us at Good Luck Tattoo, right here in the heart of Melbourne.

Appointments are not necessary; our tattoo shop welcomes walk-ins are welcome for a free design consultation and the chance to meet your preferred artist. We have portfolios available for all our artists, and if you check out the artist page on our website you can see some completed works on their Instagram.

Come and see us at Good Luck Tattoo for you New School style artwork today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All New School Tattoos

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if there is any element of your healed new school tattoo you are unhappy with, we’ll rework it for you free of charge.

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