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Established in 2012, Good Luck Tattoo is a premium tattoo studio based in Richmond with professional artists specialising in a variety of tattoo designs.

Best Tattoos in Richmond from Good Luck Tattoo

Tattoos are a personal form of art and self-expression that need careful consideration. They are a permanent way to immortalise an idea, a memory or commemorate an event.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, there are a few things you need to consider, and here is a brief guide to getting a tattoo in Richmond below.

Step-by-Step – How to Get the Best Tattoo In Richmond

One of the first things to consider is what you want to have done.

Tattooing has been an art form in humanity for thousands of years. The oldest tattoos have been found on the mummified body of Otzi the Iceman, discovered in the Alps in Europe. Over 5,000 years old, the tattoos found seem to follow known acupuncture points, and were made not with any form of needle, but by making small cuts and rubbing charcoal into them.

Other cultures have tattooed for millennia too, Chinese and traditional Japanese, Siberia, Native Americans and Aboriginal people have tattoo history stretching back to before records began – so this artistic practice has very ancient roots.

Bringing tattooing back into the present day sees pieces that are personal, sometimes poignant, and always beautiful. Deciding exactly what you want to have is a complicated process – but you need to start with at least an idea.

Then, you need to find yourself an artist.

This can seem like a complicated minefield, with thousands of artists in Australia creating some beautiful art.

Here at Good Luck Tattoo, we are ‘lucky’ enough to feature the very best resident artists in Australia, who specialise in all styles of tattoo, so whatever design you have chosen you can be confident that our tattooists will bring your idea to life perfectly.

We also offer a free design consultation in our studios. This allows you to see your idea become a design, and you can get input from our experienced artists about size, placement and colours, as well as individual artistic additions that will make your art truly personal and unique.

Once you are happy with your design and chosen artist, you need to book your sessions.

Price and duration will of course depend on the size and complexity of the piece. Here at Good Luck Tattoo, when you make your appointment, we ask for a $100 deposit to protect your booking. This deposit is non-refundable, but if something comes up and you need to rearrange, you can move the appointment (with 48 hours’ notice). If you can’t commit to a time, we also welcome walk ins to our Melbourne tattoo parlour, so come by and say hi!

Our studios are clean and comfortable, and we want to make sure that your tattoo experience is amazing from start to finish, so we have very specific guidance on aftercare to ensure that quality and clarity of your finished art.

Aftercare – for the Best Tattoo Quality in Richmond

The aftercare of your tattoo is more important than many people understand – and studios offer different advice, so it is important to follow the advice you are given, even if you did it differently previously.

Here at Good Luck Tattoo, we don’t use clingfilm to cover a fresh tattoo, we use a Fixomull bandage. This allows the tattoo to breathe and perspire, while protecting it from germs and friction. The Fixomull bandage must be left on for seven days and can be washed as usual over the top.

When the bandage comes off, ensure that you have good anti-bacterial soap and a moisturiser to keep the skin supple as this will aid healing.

Avoid swimming and sunbathing (including sunbeds) for a few weeks, until the tattoo is fully healed.

Getting your tattoo can be a complicated process but following our guide should help you to make the right decisions – and of course, come to Good Luck Tattoo for the very best tattoos in Richmond!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Good Luck Tattoos

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if there is any element of your healed tattoo you are unhappy with, we’ll rework it for you free of charge.

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